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Introducing Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Introducing guided meditation. An exciting new addition to the already expansive services we offer at the Yoga Hub.

We believe in the holistic approach to a person’s well being. Therefore would like to offer our members the chance to experience Meditation as an essential component of your well being. 

In this busy and distracted world we live in Meditation is proving to be a wonderful way to help restore balance in our lives. 
We have developed a set of meditation sessions based on local destinations. We believe they will help you reboot your flagging battery and help you learn the art of slowing down and becoming calm and relaxed. 
Our first four Meditation sessions are called. 
  1. Rain Forest Dreaming based on the rainforest experience of Paluma on Mt Spec.
  2. Magnetic Island Drifting based on being on our own glorious Maggie Island.
  3. Peaceful Pallarenda based on the beautiful beach environment on Pallarenda beach.
  4. Tranquility in the park based on the glorious surrounds of Queens Park.
Each session will last for approximately twenty minutes. Look out for advertised times and make sure you book in early to experience that missing calmness in your life.

Meet Our Meditation Specialist

Ernie Christie is an experienced educator, Director and school principal. Ernie also has a masters degree in Relaxation Therapy and a masters degree in spiritual formation. He has written three books on teaching mediation to children and has lectured all over the world on the value of mindfulness meditation