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With our new Yoga Hub spring timetable, we proudly introduce you to our Vinyasa Flow class. We offer this class as a traditional Vinyasa Flow and as a ‘hot’ class. Read further to find out what it is about, benefits and how to get started.


.. is a popular and evolving form of the traditional Hatha yoga. It is one of the most contemporary styles of yoga. Vinyasa means ‘flow’, describing how different poses run smoothly together. In this class, we will explore luscious hip openers, deep twists, gravity surfing strengthening and bum toning. We will also surface the breath and try to quiet the mind. It focuses on integrating:

  • intention
  • breath
  • awareness
  • movement
  • alignment
  • strength
  • flexibility
Vinyasa Yoga Classes’ Goal:

The goal of Vinyasa is to synchronise your breath with a continuous flow of postures. To reach this goal and enjoy your class with all its benefits, it is important to not compare yourself with others. This class (and all our other classes) are non-judgemental. Further, you need to know that breath (always) matters. Your breath is the connection between body and mind. Having control over your breath will give you control over your body. Also, never push through any pain. You will need to find the balance between strength and surrender, you can always go slower or change positions. We will suggest you adjustments for postures.

This is why this class is great for yogis of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities!

Hot Yoga Classes:

Hot yoga means that we turn up the heat to work out under warm and humid conditions. This way you are encouraged to sweat and increase your blood’s circulation. During a hot yoga session, you’ll be warmed from inside and outside which allows you to go a little deeper into postures and increase the intensity of our class.

Caution, HOT:

As we recommend it for all types of workouts, dehydrate before, while and after your workout. Especially for yoga, we recommend not having big meals 1-2 hours before the class. This will help you to be well prepared to move, bend, hold and breathe without your body working on your meal rather than your concentration. In general, food is disruptive in one’s overall practise.

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