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With our new Yoga Hub spring timetable, we proudly introduce you to our new Booty Barre class. Read further to find out what it is about, benefits and how to get started.

The popularity of booty barre class is internationally increasing! Did you already hear about it? We went behind the hype we tell you that – it is fun and addictive!

A fun class? How does it work? Do I still burn calories and reach my goals? Yes! As our new Yoga Hub instructor Marla explains, with resistance training, your goals are achievable. She explains, that conquering a firm gluteus without cellulite is a difficult but not impossible task. A balanced diet and an appropriate exercise plan can help you achieve your goal. However, buttocks and thighs are probably the most difficult areas to shape and tone along with the waist. Women are particularly prone to accumulate fat mass in this area and often genetic factors are to blame. To be able to reach a toned butt, resistance training is necessary. Compound movements are the most effective exercises. All of this is part of the workout, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the workout is going to be boring.

“I promise you will have fun!!”

With a mix of pilates, dance and yoga, you’ll learn movements while enjoying music and a fun environment. Our class does not require any experience. If you would like to tone your body, or your goals are one (or many) of booty barre’s benefits, this class is for you!

Stay tuned to learn more about our yoga instructors. We will keep updating all our new faces and introduce their favourite moves to you.

Benefits of our BBB class

  • increase core strength
  • improve flexibility
  • boost your cardio
  • AND have fun!

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