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With our new Yoga Hub spring timetable, we proudly introduce you to our Yin Yoga class. Read further to find out what it is about, benefits and how to get started.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow-paced, passive practice. A series of postures are held from 45 seconds up to 5 minutes. More advanced practitioners may stay in one Asona (posture) for even more than 5 minutes. This form of yoga mainly works around our lower body: hips, pelvis, (inner) thighs and lower spine.

This form of yoga harnesses the lunar, fluid and feminine energetic qualities in the body by nourishing our connective tissue that calls for softening, stillness and our strength. It allows us to remain in a pose while being curious and contemplative, as we observe sensations as they arise, without judgement.

Yin Yoga is a contrast and compliment to Yang practices, which are usually more focused on physical strength building and mental endurance by working the body dynamically.

What is the classes goal?

Yin yoga’s goal is stretching and targeting our deep connective tissues – particularly muscles and fascia throughout our body. We will increase the circulation of our joints and improve our flexibility. Finally, we will regulate our body’s flow of energy.

Yin Yoga Pose

Nourish yourself, let go and simply be.

The Yin Yoga class will be held at our North Shore Yoga Hub every Tuesday afternoon at 5.30pm. Meet Kyrani, she is one of our wonderful trainers for Yin classes at North Shore.

Are you interested in one of our classes? Have a look at our new spring timetable, contact us or visit us at one of our locations in Townsville’s CBD or at North Shore.

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